Muhsin Vannan Chalil


Integrated BSMS dual degree in Physics (2020), IISER Trivandrum



Currently working on DNA nanotechnology-based systems to develop membrane fusogen inspired by the specificity and mechanisms of viral fusion.

In the past, I have worked in the lab on artificial membrane systems and Dengue virus fusion studies and before that I have dabbled with Hematopoietic stem cells, Click chemistry, Nanopore sequencing, and Energy materials through my internships and Master Thesis'.

I am a physics graduate who took a liking to biophysics after graduation. During my undergraduate days, I worked in material sciences and understood how simple nanomaterial self-assembly is challenging to design in isolated in-vitro conditions. Yet, biological systems seem to achieve the desired macroscopic results with high accuracy despite the presence of a vibrant mixture and complex interactions. I was pretty intrigued by this complexity, prompting me to shift to studying interfaces of biophysics and biochemistry.

In my time away from research, you can find me delocalized within the campus engaged in an ever changing array of random hobbies or excitedly trekking some trail in the wilderness around Bangalore.