Debayani Chakraborty 

Background: M.Sc Biotechnology, PG Department of Biotechnology, Utkal University (2014)


My research interest lie in the area of virology, with a focus on Dengue Virus. My research has focused on the virus entry into the cell with specific emphasis on virus membrane fusion with the target cell. I aim to investigate the mechanism and inhibition of dengue virus membrane fusion and the role of target membrane lipid composition in membrane fusion and role of certain Neutralizing antibodies by generating viruses by reverse genetics or Virus Like Particles (VLPs).


Sannigrahi A, Rai VH, Chalil MV, Chakraborty D, Meher SK, Roy R. A Versatile Suspended Lipid Membrane System for Probing Membrane Remodeling and Disruption. Membranes. 2022; 12(12):1190.