Projects and Patents

We have very fortunate in being supported by International and National Science Funding Agencies and Industry for various research projects.


Microstructured electrodes and method thereof.

Panwar J., Jain P., Abbasi U., Roy R & Kumaran V.

Filing Patent No: 20174105044

Microfluidic devices

Panwar J., Valloly P., & Roy R.

Filing Patent No: 201841012166

Ongoing Projects

Rapid detection of pathogenic bacterial and fungal bloodstream infections and their antimicrobial resistance in hospital ICU settings using Nanopore sequencing

Department of Science and Technology-IMPRINT, India

Probing the interaction of antimicrobial peptides with lipid membranes

HURC (Unilever)

Elucidating the mechanism of membrane fusion with DNA nanostructures

Human Science Frontier Program

Completed Projects

Accelerated development of COVID-19 Antigen and Antibody Test

Cap Gemini, India

Microdroplet Analysis and Quantification of Biomolecules

Department of Science and Technology-CRG 

Identification of biomarkers for risk assessment of Dengue

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka 

Role of Allostery in Viral Self Assembly probed by Multiplexed single molecule Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (MsmFRET) spectroscopy

Department of Science and Technology, India

Probing virus-host membrane fusion with single molecule  spectroscopy in living cells

IYBA Department of Biotechnology,  India

Probing Replication by RNA-dependent RNA Polymerases from Flaviviruses

Wellcome Trust-DBT India Alliance Intermediate Fellowship

Programme support on integrative approaches to understand structure, stability and function of bacterial toxin/antitoxin systems

Center of Excellence, Department of  Biotechnology, India