Open Positions


We have multiple open positions currently funded by international and industry grants. We are happy to hear from talented individuals interested in cutting-edge interdisciplinary research to develop solutions against infectious diseases. We are a multidisciplinary team with expertise in next generation sequencing, single cell genomics, bioinformatics, microfluidics, single molecule imaging and high-resolution microscopy. If selected, the candidate will also have the opportunity to work with colleagues working on microfluidics-enabled single cell sequencing, mathematical modelling of viral and immune response dynamics and single molecule biophysics of bacteria and viral protein complexes that are currently ongoing to understand questions in host-pathogen interactions.

  1. Postdoctoral positions in biophysics, virology, immunology, single molecule spectroscopy, synthetic biology and single cell sequencing. (Eligibility: PhD and research experience in one of these areas)

  2. Technician position in cell biology, protein expression and purification, and virology. (Eligibility: Masters and research experience of 2 years in one of these areas)

  3. Project Assistant positions: (Eligibility: Masters and/or Bachelors in Biotechnology, ChemE or related fields)

  4. Graduate Fellowships: (Eligibility: Masters and/or Bachelors in Biotechnology, ChemE or related fields)

  • Understanding biophysics of lipid membrane fusion using single molecule imaging

  • Developing single molecule sequencing methods to track virus evolution.

For more details, contact Rahul with your CV and research interests.