Open Positions

We are currently looking for talented individuals interested in cutting-edge interdisciplinary research to develop solutions to tackle infectious diseases. We are a multidisciplinary team with expertise in next generation sequencing, bioinformatics, microfluidics, single molecule imaging and high-resolution microscopy. If selected, the candidate will also have the opportunity to work with colleagues working on microfluidics-enabled single cell sequencing, mathematical modelling of viral and immune response dynamics and single molecule biophysics of bacteria and viral protein complexes that are currently ongoing to understand host-pathogen interactions.

For more details, contact Rahul with your CV.

#1: Research Associate

Metagenomics for pathogen and anti-microbial resistance (AMR) detection using real-time nanopore sequencing

Bloodstream infections (BSI) are among the highest drivers of mortality in the intensive care unit (ICU). They require rapid diagnosis for appropriate and adequate treatment. Due to the high selection pressure with extensive antimicrobial use, pathogenic bacteria and fungi rapidly acquire multiple antibiotic resistance genes, posing clinical decision-making dilemmas for physicians. Our lab has initiated efforts to leverage the nanopore DNA sequencing technology for pathogen detection with rapid turn-around time and low cost. We are looking for someone to develop a clinical metagenomics workflow for the rapid identification of infection, causative bacterial and fungal species and detect antimicrobial resistance genes in ICU patients with BSI.

Job description

  • Develop next generation sequencing workflows for real-time nanopore sequencing and data analysis
  • Conduct molecular, biochemical and diagnostic research
  • Survey available literature summaries and papers to make reasoned decisions on biological and experimental design and interpretation
  • Liaison with company and hospital partners and effectively communicate to team members
  • Record, publish results and file for IP


  • A PhD in bioengineering or biotechnology, bioinformatics, computational biology, virology, microbiology, immunology, molecular biology, cell biology, chemical engineering, physics, applied mathematics or related field.
  • Training or coursework in Bioinformatics, Molecular Biology, Next Generation Sequencing techniques.
  • Coding and scripting experience with demonstrated project work.


  • Solid research experience in next generation sequencing, NGS data analysis and / or mathematical modelling and simulation; Published (or submitted) manuscripts are highly valued.
  • Excellent communication skills and a willingness to work in multi-disciplinary teams world-wide
  • Interest in biology is important. Exposure to hands-on molecular biology is a major plus.

#2: Junior / Senior Research Fellow

Single molecule studies of lipid membrane disruption by proteins and peptides

Cell membranes form the first line of defence against pathogens. Bacteria and viruses have hence devised elaborate ways to selectively disrupt mammalian cell membranes. We have developed single molecule imaging methods to study this process in real-time. We are looking for someone with interest in single molecule spectroscopy to study the underlying principles that allow selective and triggered disruption of lipid membranes. Work will involve studies with both bacterial toxins and engineered protein and DNA nanopores.

Job description

  • Conduct molecular biology experiments and protein purification
  • Generate artificial lipid membranes that mimic mammalian cell membrane
  • Conduct single molecule imaging experiments, analyse data and interpret results


  • A bachelors or masters in biotechnology, microbiology or related fields of biology


  • Hands-on wet-bench training and experience in molecular biology