News Archive


  • Suraj presented his thesis colloquium on 'Understanding the interplay between immune response and virus evolution'. (12/2022)

  • Suraj's work on Dengue virus evolution in India wins the Best Poster award at the Virus Genomics and Evolution meeting at the Wellcome Center, UK! (11/2022)

  • Debdyuti Nandy joins C-CAMP Bangalore as their new Program Manager for Entrepreneurship (09/2022)

  • Lots of new science at the Biomembranes22 meeting! Satya and a lot of team members presented their new work. (09/2022)

  • Ratnasri K wins the Best Poster Award at the Biophysical Society Stockholm thematic meeting on Antimicrobial Resistance 2022 (09/2022)

  • We are excited to have three new group members: Ameena Mohd. (a BSMS graduate from IISER Kolkata), Sridivya Bhagavatula (a MSc graduate from NIV Pune) and Muhsin Chalil (a BSMS graduate from IISER Trivandrum)! (2022)

  • Congratulations to Satyaghosh Maurya from Department of Chemical Engineering for successfully defending his PhD thesis! (03/2022)

  • Congratulations to Priyanka V from Department of Chemical Engineering for successfully defending her PhD thesis! (02/2022)

  • Congratulations to Sunaina Banerjee from Molecular Biophysics Unit for successfully defending her PhD thesis! (01/2022)

  • Congratulations to Kavya Shetty for getting selected to the PhD program at the Vienna BioCenter, Austria (01/2022)


  • Preprint of our joint work with Ganapathy Ayappa's lab on PFT conformational flexibility is now online (10/2021)

  • Our SARS-CoV2 serology assay is now published in the Journal of Virological Methods (07/2021) Congratulations to the team!!

  • Harsh's preprint on viral life cycle dynamics of positive sense RNA viruses is online: BioRxiv (09/2020); now published in Journal of the Royal Society Interface (10/2021)

  • Sree Priyanka joins the Master's program in Life Sciences at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (12/2021)

  • Congratulations to Saranya M from Molecular Biophysics Unit for successfully defending her PhD thesis! (12/2021)

  • Aditya Upasani is selected for the CII-SERB Prime Minister's Fellowship for Doctoral Research 2021. (11/2021)

  • Priyanka V presented her thesis colloquium on 'Droplet isothermal amplification for nucleic acid quantification'. (09/2021)

  • Satyaghosh Maurya presented his thesis colloquium on 'Elucidating the action of pore forming toxins on lipid membranes using single molecule fluorescence techniques'. (09/2021)

  • Sunaina Banerjee presented her thesis colloquium on 'Integrative modeling of NS3 helicase function with molecular kinetics, structural dynamics and machine learning'. (07/2021)

  • Saranya M presented her thesis colloquium on 'Quantitative sequencing of single RNA virus variants'. (06/2021)

  • Debdyuti Nandy joins our team as a Post-Doctoral fellow (04/2021). She joins us after completing her PhD from IICB/Univ of Calcutta.

  • Achinta Sannigrahi is selected for the prestigious SERB National Post-Doctoral fellowship (01/2021) Congratulations!!


  • Vaseef Rizvi is the first Molecular Biophysics Unit student to defend his PhD thesis. Congratulations! (06/2020)

  • HFSP research grant awarded to us along with Stefan Howorka Lab (University College London, UK) and Aleksei Aksimentiev Lab (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA) to study membrane fusion (04/2020)

  • Rahul wins the BPS 2020 Travel Award for his poster presentation 'PORE ASSEMBLY OF BACTERIAL ALPHA PORE-FORMING TOXIN (PFT), CYTOLYSIN A ON LIPID MEMBRANES' at the Biophysical Society 64th Annual Meeting, San Diego, USA (02/2020)

  • Harsh's preprint on viral life cycle dynamics of positive sense RNA viruses in now online: BioRxiv (09/2020)

  • Vaseef's preprint on JE virus ribosome profiling that describes so many new tricks that the virus uses during translation of its proteome is out in BioRxiv (07/2020)


  • Jatin's first paper on using Fusible alloy for Microfluidic Impedance Cytometry is out in Microelectronic Engineering (05/2019)

  • We welcome new members; Deepali Pathak (Research Associate), Rakhi Sharma (Project Assistant) and Neova Paul (Visiting Project student) to the lab (08/2019)

  • Saurabh Umrao, our third lab member submits his thesis! Congratulations to Saurabh as he joins Ernst & Young, Bangalore (06/2019)

  • Jatin Panwar, the first PhD candidate from the lab defends his thesis on single cell analysis with droplet microfluidics (06/2019) Congratulations and good luck as he heads to EMBL, Heidelberg for his post-doc!

  • Welcome to Twinkle Gupta and Tanvi Kaku (new research fellows joining the lab) (06/2019)

  • Our work on smartphone based sensing of antibiotic kanamycin is accepted in RSC advances (02/2019)

  • Welcoming new lab members: Swastik Hedge (SRF) and Twinkle Gupta (External MS intern) to the lab (01/2019)


  • Satyaghosh wins the Zeeshan Khan Memorial award at the Bangalore Microscopy Course 2018 for his paper with Pradeep on pore forming toxin, Cytolysin A (09/2018)

  • Our joint work with Ayappa Lab and Visweswariah Lab on pore-forming toxin, Cytolysin A is online in PNAS (07/2018)

  • Harsh Chajjer is selected for the prestigious Prime Minister's Research Fellowship 2018 (05/2018)

  • Narendra and Subhasish's immunologic model to explain EOT+/SVR is accepted in Immunology and Cell Biology. Kudos to Subhasish! (04/2018)

  • Thrombin aptamer based detection using PIFE by Saurabh is published in Sensors and Actuators: Chemical. Congrats! (04/2018)

  • Our review on 'Single molecule Virology' for Journal of Biosciences is in press. Terrific work by Sunaina and Satya. (03/2018)

  • We file patent for a new method for quantification of biomolecules. Great ideas from Jatin and Priyanka. IPA # 201841012166 (03/2018)

  • Jatin's first manuscript on fusible microelectrodes based impedance cytometry is on bioRxiv (03/2018).


  • Congratulations to Jatin for filing his first patent! Indian Patent application (#20174105044) titled title: “ Microstructured electrodes and method thereof ” (12/2017)

  • Suraj Jagtap got selected in to the PhD programme in Chemical Engineering at IISc. He will be joining from Jan 2018 session (12/2017).

  • Harsh Chajjer (BSSE) and Rohit Dutta (MBU) joined the lab (07/2017).

  • Satyaghosh wins the Best Poster Award on his work on 'Pore forming Toxins' at the Indian Biophysical Society Meeting (IBS 2017) in Mohali (03/2017).


  • Monisha joined our team as a Junior Research Fellow (04/2016).

  • Lakshmi Rangaswamy is our new lab manager (04/2016).

  • Suraj Jagtap joined our lab as a part of Chemical Engg. ME program (01/2016).

  • Jatin and Saurabh win the Best Oral and Poster presentations at the ChemE IISc Symposium 2016 respectively (02/2016).


  • Priyanka wins the Ambuja’s Young Researcher’s Award (ChemCon) for her MTech thesis (12/2015).

  • Satyaghosh Maurya and Priyanka join our lab as part of the Chemical Engg. PhD program (9/2015).