News Archive

  • Satyaghosh wins the Best Poster Award on his work on 'Pore forming Toxins' at the Indian Biophysical Society Meeting (IBS 2017) in Mohali (03/2017).
  • Monisha joined our team as a Junior Research Fellow (04/2016).
  • Lakshmi Rangaswamy is our new lab manager (04/2016).
  • Suraj Jagtap joined our lab as a part of Chemical Engg. ME program (01/2016).
  • Jatin and Saurabh win the Best Oral and Poster presentations at the ChemE IISc Symposium 2016 respectively (02/2016).
  • Priyanka wins the Ambuja’s Young Researcher’s Award (ChemCon) for her MTech thesis (12/2015).
  • Satyaghosh Maurya and Priyanka join our lab as part of the Chemical Engg. PhD program (9/2015).